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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

LEDs in LCDs

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What's more, LEDs are solid-state devices that are individually programmable. That means you can calibrate the 2180WG-LED to the D65 white point or whatever variation of white best suits your workspace, source material, or output format in order to ensure the highest degree of color accuracy. And you can recalibrate the LEDs as necessary should the LEDs change over time, although that will happen a lot more slowly with LEDs than with a traditional CCFL.

NEC's onscreen menus offer seven different color-temperature presets, including sRGB and Adobe RGB, plus a programmable one that contains 12 individual adjustments: six each for the saturation and hue of the three primary and three secondary colors.

NEC's black box

Interestingly, the 2180WG-LED doesn't look much like a typical LCD monitor, either. It's almost 5in. deep in order to accommodate the huge heat sink necessary for cooling for the hotter-than-fluorescent LEDs.

The monitor has just two DVI-D inputs on the bottom rear of the chassis (one with eight-bit support, the other with 10-bit look-up tables), with no analog RGB or any other inputs. There are no video inputs, like analog component or even SDI, and that's a little disappointing for video professionals. However, as I noted earlier, this is a 4:3 aspect ratio monitor and is not positioned as a video reference monitor.

Room to expand

Indeed, NEC does not take advantage of an LED characteristic that seems ideal for video: its fast duty cycle and ability to turn on and off between video frames. Nor is the 2180WG-LED a true High Dynamic Range monitor that can adjust backlight brightness in specific areas of the screen depending on the image being displayed. It is, instead, NEC's first and currently only LED-backlit monitor and, therefore, understandably starts with a more narrow focus on graphics and computer imagery reproduction. As such, it could hold great appeal for 3D animation studios.

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