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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

LEDs in LCDs

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via NewsEdge Corporation

Flat and thin LCD monitors have supplanted older, big-bellied CRTs and are now the default desktop display technology for newly sold computers. It's no secret why. They win on ?cool? alone, but they also afford significant and practical savings on physical desk space. Less flicker is easier on the eyes, and high native resolutions produce nice, sharp computer text and graphics. Yet, as color professionals know, LCDs just can't match the color range of those old CRTs.

That, however, is not necessarily a limitation of LCD technology. A new technological approach to LCDs proves that flat panels can indeed achieve a wide color gamut.

NEC's LCD2180WG-LED takes this new approach. The result is a color gamut that is 103 percent that of NTSC and 107 percent that of Adobe RGB.

The primary difference between the LCD2180WG-LED and just about any other LCD monitor on the market is not the 21in. LCD panel. Indeed, the LCD technology used here is a fairly straightforward, 16001200-resolution panel. However, instead of a typical defused fluorescent backlight to produce the light that shines through the panel and past those liquid crystals, NEC is using two strips of arrayed red, green, and blue LEDs (light emitting diodes).

Of course, at $6,749.99, this is no ordinary, off-the-shelf LCD monitor. At this point, the screen is geared toward a fairly specific audience. But if you're in that audience ? a colorist, product designer, graphic artist, or member of another field where seeing true colors is critical ? the LCD2180WG-LED might be exactly what you should be looking at today.

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