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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Advanced Medical Optics' Tecnis(R) IOL Designated as a New Technology Intraocular Lens

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About Advanced Medical Optics

AMO is a global medical device leader focused on the discovery anddelivery of innovative vision technologies that optimize the quality of lifefor people of all ages. Products in the ophthalmic surgical line includeintraocular lenses, laser vision correction systems, phacoemulsificationsystems, viscoelastics, microkeratomes and related products used in cataractand refractive surgery. AMO owns or has the rights to such ophthalmicsurgical product brands as ReZoom(TM), Clariflex(R), Sensar(R), CeeOn(R),Tecnis(R) and Verisyse(TM) intraocular lenses, STAR S4 IR(TM) laser visioncorrection system, WaveScan Wavefront(R) System, CustomVue(TM) procedure,Sovereign(R) and Sovereign(R) Compact(TM) phacoemulsification systems withWhiteStar(R) technology, Amadeus(TM) and Amadeus(TM) II microkeratomes,Healon(R) viscoelastics, and the Baerveldt(R) glaucoma shunt. Products in thecontact lens care line include disinfecting solutions, enzymatic cleaners andlens rewetting drops. Among the eye care product brands the company possessesare COMPLETE(R) Moisture PLUS(TM), COMPLETE(R) Blink-N-Clean(R), Consept(R)F,Consept(R) 1 Step, Oxysept(R) 1 Step, UltraCare(R), Ultrazyme(R), TotalCare(TM) and blink(TM) branded products. Amadeus is a licensed product of,and a trademark of, SIS, Ltd. AMO is based in Santa Ana , California, andemploys approximately 3,500 worldwide. The company has operations in 24countries and markets products in approximately 60 countries. For moreinformation, visit the company's Web site at

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Statements in this press release such as Dr. Chu 's, Dr. Packer 's, Dr.Colvard 's, Dr. Wallace 's and Mr. Mazzo 's statements, projections by thePotomac Institute for Policy Studies, and statements regarding expecteddemographics and product benefits, and any other statements that refer toAMO's estimated or anticipated future results are forward-looking statements.All forward-looking statements in this press release reflect AMO's currentanalysis of existing trends and information and represent AMO's judgment onlyas of the date of this press release. Actual results may differ from currentexpectations based on a number of factors affecting AMO's businesses,including but not limited to unexpected changes in competitive, regulatory andmarket conditions, unexpected litigation, manufacturing or intellectualproperty issues, and the uncertainties associated with market acceptance ofnew products or anticipated design risks. Therefore, the reader is cautionednot to rely on these forward-looking statements. AMO disclaims any intent orobligation to update these forward-looking statements. Additional informationconcerning these and other risk factors may be found in previous financialpress releases issued by AMO. AMO's public periodic filings with theSecurities and Exchange Commission, including the discussion under the heading"Certain Factors and Trends Affecting AMO and its Businesses" in AMO's 2003Form 10-K and Form 10-Q filed November 2004 also includes informationconcerning these and other risk factors. Copies of press releases andadditional information about AMO are available on the World Wide Web, or you can contact the AMO Investor Relations Department bycalling 714-247-8348.

(1) Survey respondents were adults aged 55-75 years old with a valid driver's license, who drive at night at least once every few months, and who have never had cataract surgery. (2) Potomac Institute Independent Report: Assessing the Significance of Optically Produced Reduction in Automobile Crashes in an Aging Population: Possible Economic Impacts, July 2004

TECNIS® foldable intraocular lenses are indicated for primary implantationfor the visual correction of aphakia in adults in whom a cataractous lens hasbeen removed by phacoemulsification. The lenses are intended to be placed inthe capsular bag. Rx Only. Precautions: Do not resterilize the lens; do notsoak or rinse the lens with any solution other than sterile saline solution;do not store the lens in direct sunlight. Warnings: Surgeons should considerthe risk/benefit ratio for adults with preoperative ocular pathology,including but not limited to inflammation, distorted eye and microbialinfection. Adverse Events: Adverse events that have been documented as havingoccurred following intraocular lens implantation include, but are not limitedto, corneal edema, iritis, lens dislocation, hyphema, macular edema andretinal detachment. For a complete listing of precautions, warnings andadverse events, refer to the package insert.

Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. Investors: Sheree Aronson (714) 247-8290 Media: Steve Chesterman (714) 247-8711

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