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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Toshiba Scientists Find Practical Technology for Entangled Light

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About Toshiba Research Europe Ltd

Toshiba Corporation is fully committed to the research and development of future technologies. This commitment has resulted in Toshiba having a record number of world firsts, including the first laptop PC (1985), the first single chip MPEG4 videophone LSI (1998) and the first DVD player (Oct. 1998). Over the next 3 years to end March 2006, the Corporation anticipates a total global R&D expenditure of 1,100bn ($9.3bn).

Toshiba Corporation established its first overseas research centre in 1991, with the opening of Toshiba Cambridge Research Centre Ltd in the UK. This was renamed Toshiba Research Europe Ltd (TREL) in August 1998, when a new telecommunications laboratory in Bristolwas launched. TREL now has two research laboratories in the UK; the CambridgeResearch Laboratory (CRL) in Cambridge, and Telecommunications Research Laboratory (TRL) in Bristol.

With security of information more critical than ever, Toshiba's Quantum Information Group is working on techniques for secure communication based on quantum cryptography. The team has already achieved a number of world firsts including the realization of the first link exceeding 100km and a unique hardware management system that allows continuous operation. They have also pioneered a single photon generation and detection technology based on semiconductor quantum dots.

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