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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

UAV Remote Sensors Market Charts Out a Successful Flight Path

via PRNewswire

The need for effective military deployments over large distances, enhanced interoperability and surveillance requirements together with the shift of some forces to NCW capabilities is making a strong case for the uptake of advanced UAV remote sensing systems in Europe .

The retirement of several ageing aircrafts from active service during the period 2005-2014 is also creating strong growth potential for UAVs possessing advanced ISR capabilities and integrated remote sensors. Based on these trends, considerable opportunities for next generation UAVs exist in Europe ,particularly in France , the United Kingdom , Germany , Italy , Turkey and Spain .

As the market picks up momentum, leading European-based manufacturers of remote sensors for UAVs, including EADS, SAGEM, BAE Systems and Thales have to urgently address the existing capability gap between Europe and the United States while confronting competition from their US-based rivals.

Market participants will have to establish a successful track record if they are to thrive. "Manufacturers need to get on board emerging UAV programmes and work closely with end-users. Partnering with various airframe manufacturers and integrators as well as militaries is a strong advantage," advises Mr. Cohen .

"By joining and contributing to UAV manufacturers, remote sensor manufacturers can establish partnerships between themselves and end users enabling them to differentiate their product," adds Mr. Cohen . "UAV end users prefer remote sensor systems that have also established successful performance records in demonstrations on existing scenarios and even manned platforms, and better still, in full service with militaries."

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