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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Emerging Fusion Technologies Poised to Change Diagnostic Imaging

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Researchers at the University Hospital of Zurich attempted to compare the accuracy of contrast-enhanced material helical CT alone with that of coregistered PET/CT and coregistered SPECT/CT. This was to determine how these different modalities fared in detecting bone invasion in patients scheduled to undergo surgery.

The outcome of their research suggests that contrast-enhanced CT andPET/CT are better than SPECT/CT for identifying the invasion of them andibular and maxillary bones in patients with oral cavity cancers. While the performances of PET/CT and contrast-enhanced CT were comparable with each other, PET/CT had the highest sensitivity and contrast-enhanced CT scored over all other imaging tests in terms of the highest specificity.

At the University Hospital Charite in Germany , researchers experimented with using SPECT imaging with a synthetic amino acid derivate, iodine-a-methyl tyrosine (IMT), as an alternative to MET-PET. They found thatthis combination had great clinical potential in diagnosing recurrent head and neck carcinoma. However, researchers sometimes faced an obstacle in interpreting metabolic data due to the lack of anatomical information.

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