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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

LG Electronics' CEO Plans to Win Global Display Market Share Battle

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NOVATO, Calif., Dec. 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SpatiaLight, Inc.(Nasdaq: HDTV), a leading manufacturer of state of the art liquid crystal onsilicon (LCoS) micro displays, announced today that LG Electronics' CEO has recently made comments regarding LG's global display strategy for 2006. S.S. Kim, CEO and Vice Chairman of LG Electronics, recently stated in an article published in The Korean Economic Daily ( ),that his management strategy for 2006 will be one that will strongly feature and promote the display business, including LCoS, with the goal of achieving top market share.

Vice Chairman Kim emphasized in his 2006 business outlook, that LGE will strengthen its competitiveness in premium class display products with a goal of top global market share as competition from Japanese television makers is expected to be fiercer than ever in the already hot display market. As one of its strategies, LG announced that it plans to reinforce promotional activities for all television lines by expanding its first-in-Korea LCoS television marketing effort and adding a "Time Machine" (LG's version of a Personal VideoRecorder, PVR) function to all of its televisions with screen sizes above 37 inches.

LG's intention is to win the market with premium display products and has mapped its key strategies to develop new segment of Large Display televisions and expand its Premium Television Product Group in the next year. To achievethis goal, LG will roll out its LCoS 71" projection television in the Australian market near the end of December and subsequently add marketing efforts and roll the product out in North America and Korea.

LCoS projection television is important to LG management because the technology will restore a diminishing projection television market and replace older, more mature projection television technologies such as DLP, due toLCoS' outstanding picture quality and superior resolution. LG expects that LCoS televisions will cause a sensation in the marketplace because of their price competitiveness when compared to plasma of the same size, at roughly one tenth of the price.

LG will augment sales and market share of premium television products by adding PVRs to all the televisions above 37" in size. This built in feature was very successful in promoting LG's plasma (PDP) sales in 2005.

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