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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Swissray Announces FDA Clearance for DR Systems

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About Swissray

Swissray has received from Frost & Sullivan the "Best Product Value" award for their market leading digital radiography systems. This new technology provides high quality medical radiographic images in seconds at a significantly lower cost than conventional or computed radiography because,among other factors, film, imaging plates, cassettes and chemical processing are not required. By utilizing a multifunctional single detector design, Swissray offers an affordable high quality solution for direct digital radiography. Swissray currently provides a full range of DR systems for orthopedic applications, imaging centers, hospitals and emergency departments.All of Swissray's DR systems include fully automated, remote controlled system positioning. Swissray offers customers choice between their unique 16 bit QuadCCD and their amorphous silicon flat panel detector technologies.

About Trixell

Trixell is a joint-venture company committed to the development and production of a complete family of X-ray flat panel digital detectors for the entire radiological imaging industry. Its three parent companies, Thales Electron Devices 51%, Philips Medical Systems 24.5% and Siemens Medical Solutions 24.5% bring complementary skills to Trixell with the common goal of meeting the complete range of X-ray detection requirements for this demanding market. Thales Electron Devices is the world's leading maker of X-ray image intensifiers and radiological imaging devices, providing comprehensive expertise in detection technology. The commitment and the support of its parent companies are key advantages for long-term development of Trixell.

For more information about Swissray's family of ddR solutions, visit theSwissray website at

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