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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Radlink Says CR Pro Expected to Offer Better Digital Images

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He added, ?We believe that our proprietary laser technology will not only compete favorably in the U.S. on price, but we also believe it?s superior to the existing standard, because it provides enhanced resolution to the scanned image and as a result, X-rays can be viewed more clearly.?

Radlink now has four salespeople. However, Hacking said the company plans to sell its devices through dealers and picture archiving and communications systems companies. The company has a group of ?master dealers.?

?The master dealers are responsible for servicing, if you will, after the fact, if necessary,? he said. ?We hope that?s not necessary, but we want to have that in place, anyway.?

Managing the sub-dealers and their regions also is the responsibility of the master dealers.

SOURCE-Diagnostics & Imaging Week

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