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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Isonics and Lucent to Develop Night Vision and Infrared Imaging Devices

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via NewsEdge Corporation

The opportunities for growth that we expect may come to Isonics as a result of this product development initiative will usher in an important new era for our company and is consistent with our homeland security and defense mission, Alexander concluded.

Commenting on Bell Labs agreement with Isonics, David Bishop, vice president of Bell Labs Physical Sciences and president of the New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium, said, Isonics is a focused, agile company with a keen eye for technology-driven product development opportunities. We look forward to collaborating with them as they leverage our MEMS-based fabrication expertise to produce exciting new products based on our powerful infrared imaging technology.

The agreement calls for cross-licensing of relevant Isonics and Bell Labs intellectual property and for Isonics to contribute to the development costs during the three-year development phase. Isonics receives exclusive rights to newly created technical information for MEMs-based IR imaging modules except for certain rights reserved by Lucent. Lucent will manufacture test structures and prototypes and has the right to manufacture commercial IR imaging modules for sale to Isonics. Isonics may incorporate these modules into IR cameras and systems it develops internally or through collaborations with others in the industry.

About Isonics Corporation

Isonics Corporation has three business divisions: (1) Homeland Security and Defense (2) Isonics Semiconductor, and (3) Isonics Life Sciences. Isonics is a world leader in isotopically engineered materials and through its semiconductor division produces isotopically pure silicon-28 chemicals, silicon-on-insulator wafers, wafer reclaim services and test wafers, including 300mm, for the semiconductor industry. Isonics' Life Sciences division markets and sells isotopes to the health care industry for the imaging and treatment of cancer. Stable isotopes can be thought of as ultra pure materials. This high degree of purification provides enhanced properties as compared to natural materials.

Our efforts in the Homeland Security segment are nascent (notwithstanding our operations at Protection Plus Security Corporation) at the present time as we proceed to develop further our IMS and neutron-based detection technologies.

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