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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

WaferGen Launches Novel SmartSlide System

via PRNewswire

FREMONT, Calif., Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- WaferGen, Inc., a company developing novel data collection and analysis products for cell biology applications, today announced the launch of the first ever SmartSlide. The product is a unique environmentally controlled chamber that provides heat,humidity and CO2 balance for PH stability in a dynamic system. SmartSlide has been designed to advance the understanding of biological processes by making it possible to keep cells viable for extended periods of time while performing sensitive and quantitative imaging experiments. Current and expected applications for the product include: stem cell research, cancer research, drug interaction response and development, and cell culture process optimization. SmartSlide will be introduced at the American Society of Cell Biology Meeting in San Francisco , Dec 11-14 (booth #123).

"Using SmartSlide we have been able to visualize the emergence of feather primordia and track cellular patterns real-time, an achievement which would have been impossible with the frequent in and out transfers required by standard incubator systems", said Randall Widelitz, PhD, Keck School ofMedicine, University of Southern California. "Uniquely, WaferGen's new product allowed us to test various perturbing agents targeted at candidate molecules required for the periodic patterning process." Dr Randall Widelitzwill present a poster on this study 'Dynamic cell behavior during periodic pattern formation of feather buds' at the ASCB.

"The SmartSlide is a real time imaging platform based on a standard 6-wellmicro titer plate format that allows researchers to take time lapsed images of adherent cells over an extended period while the plate is on an inverted microscope -- without requiring that the plate be taken in and out of the incubator both in perfusion & static nutrient flow conditions," said VictorJoseph , Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, WaferGen.

SmartSlide consists of three primary components: a disposable cell culture slide, a controller and smartware software. The first layer of the slide on the bottom is coated with a proprietary thin film layer to provide stable heating of cell culture walls. A controller connects to a computer andusing specialized software, manages the temperature of the slide as well as CO2 and nutrient flow at programmed levels to approximate the natural host environment of the living cell. SmartSlide technology easily integrates into most existing imaging platforms and is adaptable to individual system needs. For inverted microscopes with oil immersion objectives, the SmartSlide system includes a simple but effective heater for the objective lens.

"The SmartSlide system makes it possible to investigate, in real-time, biological questions that are either temperature and/or time dependent by approximating an in-vivo environment under the microscope," said Alnoor Shivji, Chairman, WaferGen. "It essentially offers researchers the opportunity to see a movie versus a snapshot of the process in question."

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