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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Siemens Introduces Advanced Clinical Applications for MRI

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via NewsEdge Corporation

-- syngo REVEAL - REVEAL, a body diffusion technique, provides additional information for differentiation of lesions throughout the entire body, offering high sensitivity to potential malignant lesions. This technique provides functional information about primary and metastatic tumors with great image quality. With Tim, examinations can be done locally and can extended to other organs without coil or patient repositioning.

-- syngo GRAPPA - GRAPPA, a Parallel Imaging Technique that provides robust image quality, speeds up spine imaging for patients with severe back pain or small children. Providing high temporal resolution in cardiac imaging even in double oblique orientations, GRAPPA is capable of being used with a small field-of-view with high spatial resolution for higher diagnostic confidence - even smaller than the subject's anatomy.

Women's Health and MRI

MRI is an integral part of breast imaging, providing not only increased visualization of the extent of lesions but also the involvement of ductal structures. With an estimated 211,240 new breast cancer cases expected to occur and a prediction of 40,410 related deaths in the U.S. this year, the need for earlier detection is evident. Siemens' MAGNETOM(R) MRI systems and software make the process of imaging and evaluation easy-to-use, fast and reliable.

"MRI has the ability to serve as another option in screening for cancers as it is essentially uninfluenced by breast density, unlike traditional mammography," said Gillen. "This improves the doctor's ability to identify breast cancer and administer treatment at an early stage, ultimately saving more lives."

As part of the standard configuration, Tim Breast Suite includes dedicated protocols in various orientations, providing image assessment in any plane and increasing diagnostic confidence with techniques such as bilateral VIEWS. DynaCAD(TM) provides radiologists with Siemens-optimized computer-aided diagnostic tools to assist doctors in detecting disease earlier and streamline workflow by managing the large volume of images involved in today's studies. The integrated solution of DynaCAD and Siemens' MRI systems is distributed by Siemens on a worldwide basis for all MAGNETOM MRI users.

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