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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Motorola and PIPS Technology Expand License Plate Reader Technology

via PRNewswire

ALPR Technology Trial Nabs Wanted Suspects

The Pennsylvania State Police recently tested the ALPR system, which waspivotal in an October arrest on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

During the first week of the test, a car was observed speeding on thePennsylvania Turnpike in Chester County. While the trooper was pulling upbehind the vehicle, its license plate was automatically "read" by the cameramounted on the cruiser and processed through a database installed in thetrooper's onboard computer. The ALPR system showed the vehicle as stolen,which alerted the trooper to call for backup before he even approached itsoccupants.

The trooper then conducted a further check on the state database, whichshowed that the three occupants of the vehicle in question were wanted inconnection with an earlier kidnapping and attempted murder case.

In addition to the public safety applications for ALPR, parking garageoperators can use the system to control access to their properties and helpprevent fraud. Each customer designs its own database to ensure the platesare checked for the type of violators being sought. In addition to improvingsecurity for any type of user, the ALPR system also can help generate revenueby identifying plates with outstanding traffic tickets and overdue parking lotfees.

"We are pleased that Motorola has selected our company to work with themin bringing ALPR to a wider customer base," said Craig Cantrell , chiefoperating officer of PIPS Technology, Inc., in Knoxville , Tenn. "Thisstrategic relationship further cements our position as a market leader inlicense plate recognition system design and manufacture."

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