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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Adept Wins 2005 2D Robotic Vision Guidance Award

via PRNewswire

In particular, Adept's vision guidance system, Adept iSight, is based onthe Hexsight Machine Vision Software library. The Hexsight Software libraryconsists of an extensive set of vision tools, among which is the Locator, ageometric object location tool capable of recognizing multiple objectsregardless of their orientation, scale, and high similarity. This innovativesoftware permits the advanced disambiguation of highly similar objects. Thegeometric location tool, on the other hand, enables easy commissioning of thevision system with minimal operator effort. Such geometric location offersthe highest levels of accuracy and robustness for a 2D guidance system.

Adept's robotic guidance systems represent a key value-addition to theproduction line, particularly as the complexity of the manufacturing processincreases. Furthermore, accurate integration promises high precision, speed,and maximum acceleration along with smooth motion, which is especiallysuitable for applications such as 3D Flex Assembly and bin picking. Due toflexible functionality and operating characteristics, such a vision guidancesystem is employable across manufacturing in consumer electronics, automotive,food, pharmaceutical, and several other industrial sectors.

This vision system is easy to operate and the operator need not learncumbersome programming techniques or transformation algorithms. The multi-model processing feature enables the system to simultaneously identify andsort multiple objects, making it 'operator-savvy'. Such a vision system issuitable for system integrators, automation original equipment manufacturers,and end-users for flexible precision assembly and material handlingapplications.

In conclusion, Frost & Sullivan's Excellence in Technology Awardrecognizes Adept for its outstanding efforts in advancing 2D Robotic VisionGuidance Technology and its development of innovative products in this domain.

About Adept Technology, Inc.

Adept Technology, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets robotic systems,motion control and machine vision technology for global markets includingautomotive, consumer electronics, consumer goods, food, industrial tooling,medical devices, and pharmaceutical. Adept robots, controllers, and softwareare used for small parts assembly, material handling and packaging. Adeptintelligent automation product lines include industrial robots, configurablelinear modules, machine controllers for robot mechanisms and other flexibleautomation equipment, machine vision, and systems and applications software.Founded in 1983, Adept Technology is the largest U.S.-based manufacturer ofindustrial robots. More information is available at .

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