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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Cedara Software to Showcase Next Generation Technology at RSNA 2005

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Cedara Colon Review(TM)

Colon Review is a complete virtual colonoscopy workflow solution that provides a powerful tool for reviewing colon or other luminal studies and reporting the findings. Colon Review enhances productivity by integrating software tools to visualize the lumen, record findings, and automatically generate a report. The study can be reviewed working primarily on the 2D images (using the 3D view for problem solving), or the study can be reviewed working primarily from the 3D view, according to the user's preference. Colon Review's sophisticated yet easy-to-use 3D visualization technology provides physicians the capability to make clinical assessments quickly and easily.

Cedara Lung Review(TM)

Our Lung Review software provides a solution for one of the most challenging tasks confronting today's radiologists: the analysis of lung nodules complicated by hundreds of slices and confused by normal anatomy. Productivity can be enhanced with judicious software tools that aid physicians while still providing complete authority over output. Lung Review is a comprehensive lung nodule visualization & analysis package that incorporates an innovative 4-pane viewing tool with real-time MPR and sliding slab MIP functionality to examine the lung and any candidate regions identified by the user. Automated nodule segmentation generates a 3D representation of the nodule, measures its signal and dimensional characteristics, and incorporates a customizable decision tree based on ELCAP recommendations.

Cedara DentalWorks(TM)

Cedara DentalWorks is an innovative dental implant planning system used by dentists and radiologists that makes the accurate planning and placement of dental implants easy. Using CT data and a smart, automated workflow, users can determine the optimal location of dental implants. Cedara DentalWorks produces a customized dental template that simplifies drilling and helps dentists place an implant with confidence and precision.

Cedara OncologyWorks(TM)

Cedara has recently focused on providing exciting new clinical software solutions for Oncology. Under the family name OncologyWorks, Cedara will be highlighting progress in bringing to market a suite of applications designed to address cancer screening, diagnosis and radiotherapy treatment and planning. This includes quantitative PET/CT fusion, ultrasound navigation positioning, tumour tracking, patient follow-up management and more.

Cedara I-Response(TM)

A unique application in the Cedara OncologyWorks suite, Cedara will be highlighting progress in the development of Cedara I-Response. Cedara I- Response is a works-in-progress software solution based on an exclusive novel imaging process known as functional diffusion mapping(TM) (fDM(TM)). Cedara I- Response provides technology for early detection of treatment response in brain cancer care, based on landmark work at the University of Michigan. Differing from standard techniques that use anatomical images to evaluate cancer treatment, Cedara I-Response is a molecular imaging technique that assesses tumour response from cellular mechanisms. It has the potential to evaluate the impact of anti-cancer drugs and radiation therapy on tumours at an unprecedented rate. By giving radiologists, oncologists, researchers and others a sophisticated tool to study tumour activity at both the cellular and anatomical level, it is hoped that this technology may provide the foundation on which fast, efficient and personalized cancer treatment planning can develop.

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