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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

R2 Launches Version 8.1 Mammography CAD System

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ImageChecker(R) DMax CAD System -- With its high-throughput and superiorlaser scanning image quality, this system primarily serves the CAD needs ofhigh-volume mammography centers.

ImageChecker(R) LS CAD System -- This system features R2's Gold StandardCAD(TM) technology in a unique tabletop package and is designed exclusivelyfor low volume, film-based mammography sites.

ImageChecker(R) D CAD System -- Designed exclusively for digital-basedmammography centers, this system accepts images from a broad range of digitalmammography vendors and delivers CAD results to DICOM workstations or PACS,allowing for maximum flexibility -- even in multi-vendor digital mammographyenvironments.

ImageChecker(R) CT Lung Nodule V2.0 CAD System -- With its AutoPoint(TM)automatic temporal comparison feature, this second-generation, FDA-approved(PMA) system assists in the review of multi-slice CT (MSCT) chest exams tohelp maximize physician accuracy and efficiency in finding overlookedactionable lung nodules and tracking changes in size over time.

Pulmonary Artery Patency Exam (PE(TM)) for Chest MSCT -- A feature withthe ImageChecker CT Lung CAD V2.0, this tool uses CAD technology to helpphysicians more accurately and efficiently detect potential intravascularpulmonary artery filling defects, such as pulmonary emboli, during review ofMSCT exams. Launched in mid-2005, it is the first commercially available toolof its kind.

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