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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

GE Healthcare Named Frost & Sullivan's 2005 Medical Imaging Company of the Year

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"This Award is a testament to our commitment to healthcare, whichtranscends any one medical specialty, as evidenced by our long-term vision formolecular and data-driven diagnosis and treatment," said Joe Hogan, presidentand CEO of GE Healthcare. "This vision is helping shift the global paradigmof healthcare to early prevention of disease, as opposed to late diagnosis andtreatment."

"According to the Frost & Sullivan meta-analysis conducted in 2005, GEHealthcare leads in market penetration in five out of seven major medicalimaging segments, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computedtomography (CT), hybrid positron emission/computed tomography (PET-CT),picture archiving and communications systems (PACS), and static digital X-ray(both radiographic and mammographic)," says Garcia. "In short, GE Healthcarehas achieved an enduring place within hospitals, clinics, and imaging centersthroughout the United States and the world."

GE Healthcare's passionate focus on adding new technologies and broadermarket reach through strategic merger and acquisition (M&A) activity bespeaksa long-term vision with respect to the scope and capabilities of medicalscience in the future.

Further, strategic alignments enable GE Healthcare to expand its picturearchiving and communication system (PACS) and healthcare IT market coveragevertically into smaller facilities that may be first-time purchasers of majormedical image management infrastructure. This demonstrates GE Healthcare'sgrowing focus on the value tier of the market, while developing capabilitiesand generating efficiencies that will also benefit its existing premium tierclients.

Overall, GE Healthcare is an undisputed leader in the medical imagingindustry. The company continues to demonstrate year after year that it has thematerial, intellectual and motivational resources required to make itsambitious plans a reality. In recognition of its numerous decisivecontributions to medical imaging, Frost & Sullivan is honored to present GEHealthcare with the 2005 Medical Imaging Company of the Year Award.

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