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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Director Says Charlotte Perfect For Optics Center

The Associated Press
via Knight Ridder

Whether they recognize it or not, optics has already affected their lives. If you go to the doctor's office today, you'll have a procedure that will use a laser. When you look at your vehicle and its sensors and displays, they have come from optoelectronics. And the big one, poised to come back, is telecommunications and bringing fiber (optic cables) to the home.

Q. So what's happening today?

After three years of ramping up our capabilities and organizing ourselves, we're now ready to thrust ourselves on the world. What we've been planning and what we're launching (today) is an industrial affiliates program.

It's a program that will cross all these campuses and state lines, where a company could work with all three universities to develop a product, from soup to nuts.

Q. How do the three schools work together to make up this triangle?

The three complement each other. The Clemson center has a number of experts in optics materials. Here in Charlotte, we have a lot of experts in taking those materials and designing and fabricating optical components and devices. Western Carolina can take those components and rapidly make prototypes of structures and test them. It is soup to nuts.

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