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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Machine Vision Systems Look Beyond the Manufacturing Industry

via PRNewswire

Advanced automation standards also require machine vision systems that are flexible and scalable across multiple products and production lines. This has given rise to compact vision systems and smart cameras that have built in image sensors and processors and are also more user friendly.

While smart cameras are replacing PC-based vision systems, the choice of architecture would depend upon the application the vision system is catering to.

"In many cases a healthy marketing system becomes necessary, by which the end-user is made aware of the future prospects for expansion or upgrades of the machine vision system," says Sivadevan.

Once vision systems are projected as being versatile and easily upgradeable, the range of applications is likely to expand beyond industries and production processes.

High-end machine vision applications are progressing from two-dimensional to three-dimensional imaging with techniques such as laser triangulation and stereo vision.

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