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Dow Corning's Photonics and Electronics Partnership Opens Research Center at Cambridge University

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via NewsEdge Corporation

2006 MAY 22 - ( -- Dow Corning Corporation, a member of the Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) consortium, announced that Cambridge University Electrical Engineering Division has completed and equipped a new research facility for the development of emerging technologies across a variety of markets, including optoelectronics, nanoelectronics and displays.

Located on the University of Cambridge's science and technology campus in West Cambridge, England, the new building represents the culmination of nearly two years of collaboration between the University and CAPE's member companies. This new facility will be the home of the CAPE consortium and the focus for the research portfolio it supports.

Founded in 2004, CAPE is a partnership between Dow Corning and three other high-tech companies: optoelectronics component supplier ALPS Electric Co. Ltd., optical systems firm Marconi/Ericsson, and Advance Nanotech, a nanotechnology-focused business incubation company. Together with the University of Cambridge, CAPE is developing new photonics and electronics technologies, applications and business opportunities. The member companies bring expertise from every level of the microelectronics and photonics supply chain, enabling CAPE to both develop new technologies and bring them to market quickly.

"The opening of this facility represents an important milestone for the CAPE consortium. By collaborating together in a strategic, pre-competitive environment, CAPE partners will gain access to research results that would be virtually impossible for any one of us to fund or accomplish alone," said Gregg Zank, chief technology officer of Dow Corning. "This is exactly the kind of technology and business innovation that is required for electronics and photonics companies - and their customers - to succeed today."

To date, Dow Corning has supported a diverse range of CAPE research projects, from optical waveguides and optical interconnects for advanced data and communication to advanced functional optical element materials to emerging display technologies. As part of the company's participation in the consortium, Dow Corning has embedded one of its top scientists, Dr. Terry Clapp, at the CAPE facility.

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