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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Ch and OpenCV: An Open Relationship With Vision


The broad functional areas supported by OpenCV include:

  • Basic structures and array manipulations.
  • Image processing and analysis.
  • Object structural analysis.
  • Motion analysis and object tracking.
  • Object and face recognition.
  • Camera calibration and 3D reconstruction.
  • Stereo, 3D tracking and statistically boosted classifiers.
  • User interface and video acquisition support.

Figure 4. The gray image after color conversion.Demos: OpenCV demos include face detection/recognition, camera calibration, condensation tracker, mean-shift/CAMSHIFT tracking, optical flow, Kalman Filter, view morphing, stereo correspondence and 3D tracking.

Sample Code: A directory of functioning sample code covers Delaunay triangulation, pyramid color segmentation, image morphology, k-means, ellipse fitting, histogram intersection, distance transform and more. More information on OpenCV is available online at

What is Ch OpenCV?
Ch OpenCV, the binding of Ch to OpenCV, is included in the distribution of OpenCV. With Ch OpenCV, C (or C++) programs using OpenCV C functions can readily run in Ch interactively without compilation. Both Ch Standard/Professional/Student Edition and OpenCV run-time library are needed to run Ch OpenCV.

Contents of the Ch OpenCV Package:
(1) OpenCV - Ch OpenCV
OpenCV/demos-OpenCV demo in C, ready to run in Ch

OpenCV/bin-OpenCV dynamical library and commands
OpenCV/dl-dynamically loaded library
OpenCV/include-header files
OpenCV/lib-function files
(2) Devel - Files and utilities used to build Ch OpenCV
using native C compiler and Ch SDK
Devel/c-_chdl.c C wrappers and makefiles
Devel/createchf-bare OpenCV headers
Where to get Ch and Setup Ch OpenCV

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