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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Ch and OpenCV: An Open Relationship With Vision


  • Numerical Computing: In addition to supporting all variable types introduced in ISO C99, Ch treats a computational array as a first-class object. Many high-level numerical functions, such as differential equation solving, integration, Fourier analysis and 2D/3D plotting, make Ch a powerful language environment for solving problems in engineering and science.
  • Text Handling: Ch has such text handling features as built-in string data type and foreach-loops.
  • Cross Platform Shell: Ch acts as a universal shell that can be used as a login command similar to C-Shell, Bourne shell, Bash, tcsh or Korn shell in Unix, as well as MS-DOS shell in Windows. Ch for Windows contains over 100 common Unix commands and utilities for portable shell programming. Built-in features include automating repetitive tasks, rapid prototyping, regression tests and system administration.
  • Safe Network Computing: Safe Ch is designed with different secure layers, such as sandbox, programmer/administrative control, suppressed pointers, restricted functions, automatic memory management for string types and auto array bound checking to address security problems for network computing effectively.
  • Platform Independence: A Ch program can run in a heterogeneous computing environment with different computer hardware and operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Unix. A programmer can develop programs on one machine, then deploy them in all platforms supported by Ch.

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