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Advanced Imaging readers work for some of the world’s most innovative companies, medical facilities and research institutions. They are constantly searching for information on new state-of-the art technology, applications and cross-market opportunities. They are looking for imaging solutions and opportunities that will help achieve the next scientific breakthrough, save a patient’s life or make a manufacturing process more efficient. A reader might be an engineer at a medical equipment OEM or defense contractor; a researcher at a government lab or pharmaceutical manufacturer; an operations manager with a food industry processor; or an integrator working across many application areas.

Our readers are decision-makers searching for imaging solutions. Approximately 65 percent carry a management title and subscribe because of their need to better understand the electronic-imaging market. No matter what the application, electronic-imaging solutions consist of the core technologies of illumination, optics, sensor/frame grabber, image processing, data path, display, storage and software. Cameras (including smart cameras) also are included informally in this list. Advanced Imaging focuses on how these core technologies work together to provide the solutions our readers need.

Now in its 24th year, Advanced Imaging is geared toward helping our readers achieve their goals. We will continue to build upon our strong foundation with a reader-oriented approach.

Feature articles will continue to explore new developments in the specific core imaging technologies and how those developments can enhance our readers’ success. We have increased coverage of imaging developments in such areas as machine vision, high-speed imaging, remote sensing, medicine and the sciences and nanotechnology. We plan even more coverage of our dynamic marketplace for 2011. And, of course, we’ll continue our Core Technology and New Products sections, which reflect our readers’ interest in finding new solutions for their imaging needs.

Our December issue will, as usual, include a New Product Showcase, highlighting some of the best, most innovative new products, including many that will be unveiled at VISION Stuttgart.

Every issue is posted to our website, which is updated daily. Speaking of the web site, one of the additions we made in 2009, and will happily continue in 2010 is our Machine Vision Professional (MVP) Webcast Series. These very informative and successful one-hour webcasts, which in 2009 covered Illumination, Image Capture (optics and sensors, followed by cameras and sensors) and Image Processing, remain archived on for a year. Moderated by Editor-in-Chief Barry Hochfelder, the webcasts feature machine vision professionals with extensive experience in the industry.

Our web site is updated daily with the latest news. It also features thousands of products, with contact information to help our readers do their jobs even better.

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